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Services to members

Psychosocial support

Listening, assistance and the support you need to better navigate through the difficulties associated with CVA and TBI.

At ACTE, each person is welcomed and accepted as they are. Each intervention, in the form of individual or group support, takes into account a person’s needs, strengths and limitations in order to promote the recognition of his or her abilities and personal and social development.

Our psychosocial support services are intended both for people who have experienced a CVA or TBI and their loved ones (spouse, parents, friends).

Individual support

We offer our members and their loved ones individual support through the difficulties related to a CVA or TBI:

  • Support and listening from a counsellor;
  • Information about the issue;
  • Referrals to other resources as required.
If necessary, our counsellors can come to your home.

“To me, ACTE represents a person who listens to me and understands when my heart is filled with sadness and discouragement. It is someone who provides guidance so I can enjoy a better daily life. Someone who refers me to the right resources when I am confused and helps me get the services I need. This is a BIG PLUS in my life… I am no longer alone, because there is always someone I can talk to and who can help me. Thank you ACTE for being there.” - France

- France

« We understand each other, sometimes more than the other people. »

- Tommy

Support groups

Various support groups allow people who have experienced a CVA or TBI and their loved ones to meet and exchange in a climate of respect, trust, equality, openness and solidarity. Everyone can share their experience, get support or simply be in contact with other people to break out of isolation.
  • Group of aphasiac people;
  • Self-help group of relatives.

Activity program

We offer members a range of activities and workshops covering different fields: artistic, physical, cultural, and social.

  • Graphic arts (drawing, painting, photography, etc.);
  • Choral singing;
  • Relaxation;
  • Physical activity;
  • Cooking;
  • Improvisation;
  • Outdoor leisure activities.

Each member can thereby find an activity that suits his or her tastes, interests, personality and condition. In most activities, emphasis is on the cognitive aspect to enable participants to maintain and enhance their progress.

Main objectives of the activities

  • Breaking isolation by improving quality of life;
  • Maintaining progress, be it cognitive, physical or other;
  • Acquiring new knowledge;
  • Developing new interests;
  • Having fun!


ACTE also plays an information, awareness and promotional role among people with CVA/TBI and their families, professionals and the general public:

  • Demystifying CVA and TBI;
  • Raising awareness among stakeholders and the public through conferences, training, kiosks at events;
  • Representing members before various bodies and defending their rights;
  • Promoting the development of new services.
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